Kids Play, HODL, Repeat Tee Youth S-XL

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You know what's cool? A kid reppin' bitcoin and cryptocurrency. You know what's not cool? Underage drinking. The difference matters. This bitcoin-inspired PLAY, HODL, REPEAT T-Shirt is intended to represent tiny future HODLers in training. We dressed our own kiddos in these shirts. They are not intended to promote alcohol because that's not the spirit of crypto.

This fun tee lets you introduce your little one to the world of blockchain while looking sharp in a soft fabric. So whether they are running amuk inside or just tearin' it up in the backyard, you can bet they will probably look even smarter. If you don't like it, please come increase our social media engagement for us, we will definitely respond. For the rest of us who can laugh and get down with a lighthearted tee, cheers to our future.